The Original Hemp Pretzels
Award Winning 2018

Hemp Seeds are the cornerstone behind Shawn House’s vision for his company after meeting Ralph Amato CEO of No Problem Inc & Hempzels® in 1997.

The Original Sourdough Hempzel® started the journey with a small bakery in Hanover. Joining forces and using imported Canadian hempseed they saw the hemp fields before 9-11. The DEA tested them from 2000-2004 but Hempzels® prevailed. Reincorporated as the Lancaster Trading House in 2005, the goal was to contract with our local farmers for hempseed and this year Lancaster County has a test crop ready for harvest.

Hemp plus pretzels = Hempzels® with the flour & seed providing the darker color, richer flavor and higher nutrition. Without buttering it up, Hempzels® Soft Pretzel baked in Lancaster County has been a well kept secret available online or at select events until now.

Swirled to reduce breakage hemp flour is gluten free. All handmade, baked & frozen to lock in the nutrition. Thaw, bake & enjoy.

Packaged 8 in a bag or in bulk for food service. Don’t forget our “Mustard That Bites Back™” at all Wegman’s & local food markets.

We look forward to working together with our local farmers and processors in developing more cannabis/hemp nutraceutical foods for the secure future of farming in Lancaster and the commonwealth.

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The Original Hemp Pretzels
Lancaster Trading House, Inc., Shawn Patrick House
28 May, 2024
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APRIL 20th - 4/20
Why aren't you serving high protein soft pretzels?