Licensing Agreement with Our Soft Pretzel

We are proud to sign a "joint agreement" - on May 2, 2019 with Dutch Country LLC to produce & distribute Hempzels™ Soft Pretzels - A licensing agreement will see a significant increase in sales through new distribution channels and a great reason to get raw materials or Hempzels™ from the local Lancaster County farmers.

Larger customers with our new manufacturing software to be implemented in 2021 we'll slot orders into the bakeries or feel free to call the bakery direct, Our sights are set on  Wegmans, Whole Foods Market, Giant Foods, Acme,  Weiss along with Restaurants in Northern MD, VA, DC into NYC - we'll work on logistics and grow our brand!.

Online through the Restaurant Store - Home Town Provisions -Thanks for helping us get through the changes 2nd half of 2020.

Licensing Agreement with Our Soft Pretzel
Lancaster Trading House, Inc.
6 May, 2020
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