January 2024
Booth 109 our 18th year

November 18th - it will be our 18th year set up at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in booth #109 in the PA Marketplace. January 6th Saturday is the opening day.

  1. Hemp grain focus in the forefront - eat your hemp seed offered lightly salt n peppered or plain. 

  2. Textiles - Hemp Aprons from Winkin Sun & Primal lines - chef designed. Hemp Vest will be displayed & offered for sale.

  3. Help & Wellness Topical Salves & Tinctures on sale! 

  4. Saturday to Saturday 9am to 8pm - contact us [email protected]

  5. STOP BY & record a message for the future.

January 2024
Lancaster Trading House, Inc., Shawn Patrick House
18 November, 2023
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