A Few Extra's thrown in with your orders!

Thanks to my former partner at Hempbasics we are hempy to throw in a Lost Harvest Key Chain, Lost Harvest Stash Bag or Hackey Sack depending on what you order.

Up to $25 order online receive a Lost Harvest Hemp Key Chain

$26 - $50 order gets a Lost Harvest Hemp Stash Bag

$100 order or I'll send a Hemp Fabric Frisbee with an inspiring message.

$200 order I'll send out a Hemp Hoodie - 

All while supplies last - and up til the PA Farm Show January 7th.

Purple Lost Harvest hemp Fabric Bags Lined Up with Red and brown bags stacked for display.Brown, Purple, Fabric hackey sacks piled up with Lost Harvest Marked on hemp hacs.

Lancaster Trading House, Inc., Shawn Patrick House
20 December, 2022
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