Free Shipping for Garlic Hemp Salve
$50.00 - we'll be shipping our topicals and picking up the postage.

People either love Garlic or can not stand it, we love it and it started through our Sweet Garlic Jam that we have advanced into topicals and the anti-viral properties with our Garlic Hemp Salve. Very simple ingredients to help recover, relax & kick the cold.

.Developed through the ACN - it's recommended to use like a vapor rub on the chest & cover the feet and pull up some socks & rest up in bed.

We are going to pick up the shipping cost on this along with our HEMP N HEAT& Hemp Ginger Cinnamon Salve - add our Tinctures too for free shipping over $50 in product.


Free Shipping for Garlic Hemp Salve
Lancaster Trading House, Inc., Shawn Patrick House
21 January, 2022
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