Discontinuing Lenka Bars
No more HEMP N" Honey - Time to Move on

As stated earlier I met Lenka & her partner pre creation of their line of Granola Bars and they produced our NataliesChoice Hemp bars for many years, things change, distribution, representation, packaging changes & now owner ship. The writing is on the wall so the LTH will no longer be offering these bars - they'll be successful without our cheerleading.

We'll discount our bars & remove them, archive them to the past & move on with the future which will be topicals and healing items.

THANK YOU Lenka, Alex, Stephan - Doug, Dan & crew. I appreciate all your good bars. 12/15/2021 - onward & upward. 

Discontinuing Lenka Bars
Lancaster Trading House, Inc., Shawn Patrick House
15 December, 2021
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