Crowd Funding Moving Forward
Indiegogo will be one way - projects that are ready to go

Are you ready to get invested in the infra-structure that's been slowly building from Lancaster County Pennsylvania outward & the United States inward? I've invested 30 years while building & learning with information being the currency, Experience has become crucial in todays cannabis overall market and what I'm creating is opportunity for those who are looking at long term strategies.

Now is the time I reach out into the universe to those who can support (without hurting themselves) my effort to continue networking the pieces of the hemp puzzle back into the fabric of Pennsylvania industry..

Receiving funding for my projects will increase retail direct sales at a good time when customers are looking for value added traditional products and my company is poised to answer the call but we need your help vs financiers.

Without going to a bank I am going to set up an Indiegogo account for crowd funding - videos will be produced. The Month of February this will be set up. How I can compensate you will be addressed - free products are an idea - equity - eventually turning my corporation to a B corporation I have a lot to consider..

  1. Real fast - Retail Packaging Soft Pretzel Bags - printing 25,000 bags two types for now, the first for the wheat free soft hemp pretzel stix & the traditional soft hemp pretzel stix perfect size & dipping for our condiments. We have them food service ready but it's not addressing Weis Market, Giant Foods, Whole Foods, Wegmans, etc...the bag concept is done & ready to go to the printer. 50K Bags total / Boxes for Stores / Distribution. 

  2. Concession Trailer - Opening but funds are needed to get the imaging created, printing produced & trailer which is semi-permanent in Wrightsville, PA - equipment is already in.

  3. Operation CoolHemp™  -  having been granted the permission &       license to produce Robbie Anderman's family recipe for CoolHemp™ dairy free hemp ice cream - we need to bring down the equipment in storage - we have the seed - this will provide the trifecta to our franchise of Hempzels™ - pretzels, sandwiches, beverages & of course dessert. 

  4. Operation Local Hemp Seed - working with Steve Groff - lancaster County & encouraging other regional hemp farmers to grow large hemp seed this year in 2022 that we can offer sprouted, raw & dehull it for use in the  CoolHemp™

  5. More to add but these are some of the major task - yes funding would help with my organic web platform too - thanks for any & all constructive criticism.  - Shawn P. House - CEO / Hempentreprenuer - 1-800-USE-HEMP in the USA. 

Crowd Funding Moving Forward
Lancaster Trading House, Inc., Shawn Patrick House
8 February, 2022
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