Baking Business: Potential in Hemp
As A food Ingredient

CHICAGO – What do you do with this stuff? That’s a question Ben Raymond, director of research and development at Victory Hemp Foods, Carrollton, Ky., is often asked about the hemp ingredients the company offers. His answer – almost anything.

“History confirms that the world looks to America to lead change, be it industrial, cultural or environmental,” said Geoff Whaling, chair, National Hemp Association, Washington. “This is more true today than ever before, as we look to combat the global climate crisis affecting humankind. We know American ingenuity will drive many of these solutions and can do so with plant-based technologies. Hemp, America’s newest commodity crop, will be at the forefront of this regenerative economic and social shift; helping create jobs, clean our soil and air, and introduce sustainable new products once only dreamed about.”

Baking Business: Potential in Hemp
Lancaster Trading House, Inc., Shawn Patrick House
13 May, 2021
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