BAKED TODAY!  Soft Hempzels®

Our last big batch for 2021 as our business model changes, we are going to stick with Dutch Country to produce our 2 oz stix & 4 oz Swirls for our HEMPizza's - sandwiches & more.

We are opening up our baking licensing recipe for nationwide production- interested, lets talk. 

Picking up Wednesday shipping Thursday 11/18/2021

2oz Stix 24 per bag / 4 bags per case

4 oz Swirls 15 per bag / 4 bags per case 

BAKED TODAY!  Soft Hempzels®
Lancaster Trading House, Inc., Shawn Patrick House
16 November, 2021
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Beats Auntie Anne's, New York , Philadelphia - HIGHER PROTEIN & READY TO SHIP!.