APRIL 20th - 4/20
Why aren't you serving high protein soft pretzels?

2024 - April 12 & 13th we'll be back in the Atlantic City Convention Center for the Annual Celebration of the Suds - Beer festival we're the customers love our high protein pretzels while sampling many great micro-brews.

So why aren't you serving our pretzels at NOCO? - Why isn't Willie Nelson and Farm Aid serving our hemp soft pretzels and horseradish Hemp and Honey Mustard at their events? 

Maybe because our pretzels won't get you high?? - Maybe because there is no true hemp industry in Pennsylvania or the United States. Harsh words but as a former member of the HIA (Hemp Industries Association - 2003?) I saw first hand the disconnect. Business is business and everybody was going for gold. Many have dropped out of the hemp cannabis race. 

Too many hurdles, too many prejudices, not enough capitalization for the veterans that have a good product that could be an even better product if the market wasn't so focused on short term profits vs long term goals.

April 20th will be another celebration for the freeing of the Cannabis Flower - the Weed and Earth Day too. Are people interested but nobody cares now after everything they went through with the Covid Narrative.

This web platform will continue to morph into a resource for Cannabis products, information and connections. It is a complicated world but we can make it simple again and it starts with the seed - Cannabis / Hemp.

Thank you for your support and business -

Shawn Patrick House - CEO  Lancaster Trading House, Inc. 1-800-USE-HEMP in the USA.

First time in the Lancaster Newspaper 3/4/1997 - 27 years plus

APRIL 20th - 4/20
Lancaster Trading House, Inc., Shawn Patrick House
3 April, 2024
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