Lancaster Trading House Incorporated = Hemp Processing

1-800-USE-HEMP (873-4367) in the U.S.A. Only / 1-717-252-6288 International / Local Information 

Hempzels© & Natalies Choice™ are brands and we have been working to "Free the hemp seed" for 20 plus years.


Introduction to the Lancaster Trading House Network

Lancaster Trading House, Inc - 1-800-USE-HEMP in the U.S.A. 

  • Offering Hempzel's (R) & Natalie's Choice(tm) Brand's - Wholesale Direct or through Limited Distribution.
  • Importing Canadian Hemp Seed, Hemp Flour and Hemp Oil - Adding Value to Traditional Products.
  • Working To Free the Seed - Since Pre 1997 
  • Creating the infrasctructure for the coming industrial hemp - Cannabis revolution
  • or - 
  • THE Lancaster Trading House, Inc. Logo is that signifying the power of the hemp seed - atomic energy around the old hemp mill stone with the hemp stalks tieing it all together - energy, renewable, right from the farmers fields - Hempfield Township to be exact.


Corporate Logo of the Lancaster Trading House Network of Hemp Processors

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