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IF you live in and around Lancaster or York, Pennsylvania than delivery can be arranged or you can pick your order up by appointment.

This is our public retail direct secure web platform - please register for an account and you'll be eligible for additional discounts.

Place an order online as a quote & if needed we'll confirm the shipping lower or higher & send you an invoice with a payment link. 

Italian Hemp Farming Step #6 "Battitura" Framed
34.95 31.95 31.95 USD
Italian Hemp Farming "Battitura" 8x10 Framed - includes shipping in the Continental USA.
Italian Hemp Farming Step #7 "Tiratura" Framed
34.95 31.95 31.95 USD
Framed Italian Hemp Farming #7 of 10 part series "Tiratura" Price includes free shipping in Continental USA.
Italian Hemp Farming Step #9 "Lavatura" Framed
34.95 32.95 32.95 USD
Italian Hemp Farming "Lavatura" 8" x 10" Framed Cannabis History Price includes shipping in Continental USA..
"Dopy Rag 1912" Pipe Smoking Chinese Image Framed
34.95 31.95 31.95 USD
(1) Dopy Rag 1912 Image American Sheet Music Framed 8x10 ships free from North Carolina in Continental USA.
Pretzel Stix 2oz by Hempzel™ (24 Stix Per Bag)
34.95 39.95 39.95 USD
Soft Pretzel Stix 2 oz to 2.25oz size 24 per bag includes salt bag baked & frozen, shipped Fedex Ground / West Coast? Contact Us First
Italian Hemp Farming Step #5 "Tagliatura" Framed
34.95 31.95 31.95 USD
Hemp Harvesting 8x10 Framed - Price includes shipping direct in the Continental USA
Throat Pastilles with Cocaine Tin Framed Print
33.95 33.95 33.95 USD
Allenbury Throat Pastilles Tin Historical print listing Cocaine, ingredients: Framed 8x10 price includes shipping in the USA.
Italian Hemp Farming Step #4 "Canapaio" Framed
33.95 33.95 33.95 USD
#4 of 10 Italian Hemp Farming 1920's "Canapaio" Framed 8"x10" shipped from North Carolina shipping included
Canadian Hemp Harvest "Chanvre" Framed Print
32.99 32.99 32.99 USD
Canadian Hemp Farmer Harvesting 8x10 Framed - Price includes shipping direct in the Continental USA
Cannabis French Chanvre plant seed 1890's
32.95 32.95 32.95 USD
(1) "Chanvre" French The Hemp Plant - True Cannabis Reprint of 1800's lithograph black framed 8x10 shipping in Continental USA included in price
Ultimate Frisbee Hemp 75gm Black Recoil Ultimate
29.95 19.95 19.95 USD
Recoil - Black Hybrid Ultimate Hemp Frisbee 175gms
Hybrid Hemp Frisbee 10" Hempzels Assorted Colors
29.95 29.95 29.95 USD
Hemp Fiber Hybrid Ultimate Frisbee 10" Assorted Colors Best Ships USPS.
Traditional  Sourdough Hempzels™ 7 lb Bags Low Sodium
29.95 29.95 29.95 USD
Fresh Baked Traditional Sourdough Hempzel™ Pretzels 7 lb bulk bag (sold out) - place an order will ship when baked.
Mustard 6 bottles Horseradish Hemp & Honey Hempzels™
29.95 22.50 22.5 USD
We are taking orders of our famous mustard, 6 - bottles per case Hempzels™ Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard. November production all orders will be shipped asap.
Case Sweet Garlic 9oz Jams / 12 Jars
24.75 43.95 43.95 USD
Sweet Garlic Jam Volume Discount / Wholesale 12 jars / 9oz 12 lbs 4 Cases Max to Ship Fedex Ground.
Soft Hemp Pretzel Swirl or Rollz 4oz Hempzels™ 8 per bag
19.95 18.95 18.95 USD
Our 4oz Swirls packaged 8 in a gold & black soft pretzel bag - shipped cold best Fedex
Gluten Free 2oz Hemp Pretzel Stix (10 pack)
19.95 19.95 19.95 USD
Scheduled to bake Dec 7th will ship presently Out of stock Production Our no wheat - hemp soft pretzels 2oz Pretzel Stix by Hempzels™
Hemp Black T-shirts with Pocket 5 sizes
19.95 19.95 19.95 USD
Hemp T-shirts Black Color short sleeve with a pocket. 55% Hemp 45% Cotton-Organic. Pre-shrunk Small - Medium - Large - XL & 2XL
Hempstone Heritage Book Lancaster PA Research
19.95 19.95 19.95 USD
Christmas Sale until January 1 -1 Hemp Stone Heritage Book - Lancaster County PA - Add $3.00 for Signed Book
Jam Sweet Garlic- 32oz glass jar Family Foodservice
18.95 17.95 17.95 USD
Out of Stock 8/3 - Made to Order 32oz for Food Service or Families who love garlic. Glass jar

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