Granola Bar Vanilla Espresso Organic Lenka's bar
2.95 2.88 2.88 USD
Vanilla Espresso - the newest of Lenka's Organic Granola Bars, all gluten free now.
A large bar available discounted 1 to 6 bars, see Case section to purchase by the case.
Lenka Bars By the Case Organic Granola Bars Gluten Free
29.95 29.95 29.95 USD
5 Flavors of Lenka's Traditional Bars - Hand Made / Order by the case. normal shelf life is 90-120 days from production. Gluten Free. To order varieties pick than add to your cart and come back to add more.
Lenka Peanut Butter & Sea Salt Organic Granola 2.25oz
2.99 2.88 2.88 USD
Hand Made in Small Batches - Organic Granola, Peanut Butter & Sea Salt, a large bar available in up to 6 discounted or by the case
Organic Granola bar Chocolate Cranberry Lenka's bar
2.89 2.88 2.88 USD
A hand made, not baked, organic granola with Chocolate and Cranberries - no nuts - a large bar available by the bar or case -
Granola Bars Hemp / Flax / Cranberry Raisin by the case
29.95 29.95 29.95 USD
2.25oz Bars 12 Per Case best by March 20,2021 Discounted 1 case to 4 cases.
Omega Flax Organic Granola Bar by Lenka's
2.99 2.88 2.88 USD
The Omega Bar is all Flax with no berries - Organic Granola, all gluten free in a bar not baked. 1-6 with discount, case pricing available. Wholesale
Organic Granola Bar Chocolate Nuts & Berries Lenka's 2.25
2.99 2.99 2.99 USD
Lenka's Artisan Made Bars, Organic Granola Base with Chocolates, Cranberries & Nut's - discounted 1-6 and available by the case.
Granola Bars Hemp Flax Cranberry Raisin Single
2.99 2.75 2.75 USD
2.25oz Bars discounted from 1 to 8 bars - cases available best by March 20,2021 on this last batch. .
Granola Bar Hemp N Honey Organic Lenka's bar
2.95 2.88 2.88 USD
Lenka's newest Granola Bar - we supply the hemp, they make the bar - Organic Granola Whole hemp & hemp hearts with honey - gluten free available discounted 1-6 bars and by the case.


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