Hemp Protein Powder 50% per serving 32oz
24.95 19.95 19.95 USD
US Hemp Protein Powder without fillers, flavoring, whey, soy only the finest protein powder, every serving, half is plant based protein 50%. Now in Gold foil sealed bags kept in cold storage. Previously in plastic tubs - if you want more get it in 5 Bags = 1 Bag in bulk 10 lbs
Hemp Seed Baking Flour USA PA Milled (4 Weights)
229.00 229.00 229.0 USD
US Grown but processed in Pennsylvania by Susquahanna Mills & Small Valley Milling. In Cold Storage available in 50lb & 25lb bags or 10lb bulk and now 5lb. Used in production of our pretzel line. Kept refrigerated


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