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Retail from Lancaster

Retail direct by Fedex Ground or USPS. IF you live in and around Lancaster or York, Pennsylvania than delivery can be arranged or you can pick your order up by appointment.

You can pick out what you want place an order as a quote & we'll confirm the shipping lower or higher & send you an invoice with payment through credit card, paypal.

Organic Granola Bars 2.25oz 12 per case Gluten Free
29.95 29.95 29.95 USD
Lenka Bar's By the Case 2.25oz Bars 12 Per Case, 6 different flavors
Hemp N' Honey Organic Granola Bar 2 oz
2.75 2.69 2.69 USD
Hemp seed & Honey - Organic Bar 2oz Discounted from 1-6 bars Gluten Free, GMO free
Granola Bar Vanilla Espresso Organic Lenka's bar
2.75 2.88 2.88 USD
Vanilla Espresso - the newest of Lenka's Organic Granola Bars, all gluten free now.
A large bar available discounted 1 to 6 bars, see Case section to purchase by the case.
Peanut Butter & Sea Salt Organic Granola Bars 2.25oz
2.75 2.69 2.69 USD
Peanut Butter and Sea Salt - Organic Granola Bar 2.25 oz - 1 to 6 discounted
Chocolate Cranberry Organic Granola Bar 2.25oz
2.75 2.88 2.88 USD
Organic Granola Chocolate Cranberry bars 2.25oz Volume Discount-

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