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Single amber bottle of Black Cherry Cannafizz Soda

CannaFizz™ Venture

Hempzel™ pretzels needed a beverage partner, and we are hempy to work with the Reading Soda Works to distribute, broker and offer their full line of Pin Point Carbonated No Fructose Corn Syrup Sodas and the line of CannaFizz(tm) hemp infused beverages - soda and seltzer water. Moving from hemp seed flour to hemp flower.

2 Green Glass Bottles of Cannafizz seltzer water next to case box

Pin Point Carbonated

The Reading Soda Works has made quality beverages for a long time in Reading Pennsylvania. Pin point carbonation means that the soda won't go flat as quick as typical sodas do. 

We are offering the full CBD lines but will offer their traditional sodas at our concession trailer. 


Glass jar filled with CBD and hemp leaf adorning it Cannafizz information card
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Citrus Twist 
Root Beer
Black Cherry

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