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Rochester NY

Picking up our mustard for distribution to Wegman's grocery stores and other small specialty stores. 

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Our First Distributor

Distributing our mustard

 We work with a 3rd party cold storage location so you can order a mix & match pallet of items & set up an appointment to pick up. Zip 17601 - 1-800-USE-HEMP

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What can we do to get products to you? HEMPY shovels to Hempzels™ and more.
1-800-USE-874-HEMP-4367 in the USA.

A Great Way To Introduce Our Lines

A small point of purchase free standing display created for our mustard but can be used for our topicals, hemp seed and other assorted items we create.

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Free Standing 

Use To Mix or Match our:

  • Horseradish Hemp N Honey Mustard

  • Mustard & Sweet Garlic Jam & Sweet & Spicy Pepper Jam

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

Display Healing Line

 This Display will hold for a store display:   

  • 20 Garlic Hemp Salves 

  • 18 Hemp N Heat & 

  • 12 Good Hemp Salves

  • 12 Full Spectrum Bottles

  • 16 Full Spectrum Relaxing Blend

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