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Evolving as your needs change - Not always Vegan, Not Always Healthy but still Good!

2005 Brand added

Canadian hemp seed supplier for years Shaun Crew suggested I mill the whole hemp seed into a a butter I thought why not?  That was       arranged with a local food processor in Lancaster but what to call it?

My daughter was born that year and hemp seed is nutty & the new brand of NataliesChoice(tm) was launched for the continued expansion of hemp products, Baklava was created, now we are moving into healing topicals and skin care something that as a company we started with. this page will show history & updates.  NataliesChoice™ the yang to Hempzels™ yin.

Odoo • Text and Image
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Running on the hemp seed of life there is a woman's image. The rising or setting sun with a healthy heart. This was / is for the food lines available for license.

The new update shows the importance of cannabis wrapped in a heart and the important update freedom - CHOICE.

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For Relief Anxiety Pain Management

In 1999 my company had a line of salves and more from Carol Miller of Hemp Essentials from California. Now we have our own developed line from a Pennsylvania Botany / Compounding Farm / Formulator. 

Hemp N Heat 4oz (think tiger balm)

Garlic Hemp Salve 4oz (Anti viral - chest /feet during colds)

Good Hemp Salve 4 oz (Cinnamon & Ginger for topical relief, hemp essential oil based - think Shield Salve)

Relaxing Tincture 2oz - our full spetrum cannabis tincture with Lavender and more calming herbs

Full Spectrum Tincture 2oz - not a drug but full plant


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Point of Purchase

A cardboard free standing small footprint point of purchase display developed with a Hemp Seed Header card suitable for Hemp Seed, Hempeanut Butter & Jellies - also created for mustard. 

OR Add the new topical line in these - 

New Display Options.

Mustard Display Information