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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Growing Needs

  1. Permit from PA Dept of Ag
  2. Horiticulture (flower) Cannabis or Agricultural (flour)
  3. Soil - Areas
  4. Probiotics For The Soil - Legacy BioSolutions
  5. Planting - What Type of Seed?
  6. Care - 90 days
  7. Harvesting Fiber / Seed
  8. Harvesing Flower
  9. Drying / Processing 
  10. Markets


Growing Resources

Respecting Home Grow

Repeal Fingerprinting

Repeal Criminal Background Checks

CBD / THC Flower Indoor

Fiber / Seed / Outdoor

Chemurgy Revival

Self Sustainability 


Hemp Seed

  • Comparisions to Flax / Soy
  • Essential Fatty Acids (naturally)
  • Plant Based Protein
  • Whole Seed Vs Hulled Seed
  • Grain vs Commercial Seed
  • Recipes
  • Seed for Flower 
  • Seed For Flour
  • Seed for Cultivation
  • Seed Protection FOUNDATION™

Hemp Flour

  • Hemp Flour Nutritional Profile
  • Use In Recipes
  • Gluten Free Issues
  • Canadian Hemp Flour
  • U.S. Grown Hemp Flour
  • Small Valley Milling our Flour
  • Pennsylvania Processed
  • Keep It Cool or Cold


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CBD THC Belongs Indoors

After years of listening to the developing hemp industry in Pennsylvnia it is my strong opinion and belief that if you are going to grow True Cannabis Hemp to flower for CBD or THC variety that on ac ommercial basis you grow indoor / green house, why?

  1. It's horticulture - you want more than one crop
  2. You are worried about pollen from agricultural hemp grown to flower for seed
  3. Profits are higher invest in filtration systems.

Agricultural hemp for fiber, seed, textiles etc -Out doors

  1. Densley packed 5 to 18 ft tall
  2. Lower commodotiy value need lower input cost
  3. larger scale production in the long term future

Hemp Textiles



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Soda / Seltzer Dist

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