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Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Growing Needs

  1. Permit from PA Dept of Ag
  2. Horiticulture (flower) Cannabis or Agricultural (flour)
  3. Soil - Areas
  4. Probiotics For The Soil - Legacy BioSolutions
  5. Planting - What Type of Seed?
  6. Care - 90 days
  7. Harvesting Fiber / Seed
  8. Harvesing Flower
  9. Drying / Processing 
  10. Markets


Growing Resources

Respecting Home Grow

Repeal Fingerprinting

Repeal Criminal Background Checks

CBD / THC Flower Indoor

Fiber / Seed / Outdoor

Chemurgy Revival

Self Sustainability 


Hemp Seed

  • Comparisions to Flax / Soy
  • Essential Fatty Acids (naturally)
  • Plant Based Protein
  • Whole Seed Vs Hulled Seed
  • Grain vs Commercial Seed
  • Recipes
  • Seed for Flower 
  • Seed For Flour
  • Seed for Cultivation
  • Seed Protection FOUNDATION™

Hemp Flour

  • Hemp Flour Nutritional Profile
  • Use In Recipes
  • Gluten Free Issues
  • Canadian Hemp Flour
  • U.S. Grown Hemp Flour
  • Small Valley Milling our Flour
  • Pennsylvania Processed
  • Keep It Cool or Cold


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FOUNDATION™ Probiotics For Better Soil

I am happy to announce an agreement with the Principals who are bringing FOUNDATION™ for your soil - Probiotics get to the Roots - help your seed stock.

We ship in 10lb or larger quantities - showing retail direct through the website - sign in for discounted or volume pricing -


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CLEAR™ is Water Quality Probiotics™ for Pond & Lake Remiadation as well as Hyrdroponic Gardening of Cannabis -




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