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Monday, October 21, 2019

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Wholesale Requirements

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10/24/13- 1/14 working on the site: Message from the owner -


- Working on the site & moving stuff around in case you noticed. 1-800-873-4367 for assistance.

Thanks for your interest in working with the Lancaster Trading House, Inc - the network & HQ's for Hempzel's, Natalie's, distributor of  Lenkas Fresh Snack Foods and other locally made products. Member of The Canadian Hemp Trade Association. Contracting with local production facilities & bakeries to create a line of value added products. Headquarters is based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, there is no retail store front.

This sight is for all lines retail but will also be for store buyers & reps to place orders along with developing the infrasture for hemp farming as soon as possible.THIS HAS BEEN UNDER CONSTRUCTION FOR A WHILE. Presently you should be signed in / registered to place  orders so:

  Make up your account password - enter all necessary information for shipping; billing.

  1. Include a resale tax ID # if available.
  2. Relog in & start shopping - we will ship by the case or by the piece.
  3. Garden Spot Food Distributors, New Holland, PA carry our Original Hempzel Sourdough Pretzel, Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard, No Salt Whole Hemp Seed, Natalie's Choice Omega Foods Nut-Less Butter & Seedless Raspberry & Hemp Jam.
  4. Chex Finer Foods, Attleboro, Mass, distribute our Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard.
  5. We don't want to overload stores with merchandise I'll break cases.
  6. Articles will be attached throughout the sight for nutritional information & more
  7. Your feedback is always appreciated -
  8. Payment is due upon receipt unless you are an established account net is 15 days for those who have filled out the proper credit applications.
  9. We do use recycled packing peanuts & bubble wrap that we get from our customers - same with boxes - this keeps our cost down, we don't purchase new peanuts or bubble wrap.
  10. We do not gaurantee sales thus we will work with small stores.
  11. We ask for $150 minimum order
  12. All prices do not include freight unless otherwise agreed upon -we ship Fedex Ground with no additional handling  charges to get the product to you the quickest & least expensive way possible.
  13. 1-800-873-4367 is the main office number with an answering service 24/7 if you have any questions. Or email sales(@) hempzels.com .



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