Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Hemp Seed Shelf Talkers

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The public is still learning and hearing about the nutritional value of adding hemp into today's diet. Hemp seed is energy, energy that the body can assimilate, utilize and make the most of. Eating the seed will increase your daily fiber intake, both soluable and insoluable. Boost your essential fatty acid intake..add plant based, digestiable protein to your diet. These new shelf talkers are  to convey the awareness and goodness of hemp. Eaten whole, dehulled, as an oil and more! See shelf talker below

What size best works for your store? Our prototypes are 3" wide by 2.5" high with a non-permant adhesive for easy attachment.

We offer a larger 5.25"x2.75" glossy and now

11" x 17" store posters.






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