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Monday, November 30, 2020

Legislation of Cannabis

The bottome line has been that true cannabis hemp should be treated like a vegetable - plant that it is. It does not deserve to be on a Controlled Subtstance List regulated like a scary plant that its been portrayed. Farmers who want to or are growing it SHOULD NOT be treated like criminals - criminal background check? fingerprinting ? Nothing that my company supports. 2020 - #AbolishtheDEA on the Federal Level for justice to those who have suffered over the past 50 years for cannabis possession. - 2020 #AbolishtheCSA on the State & Local level.

The DEA should not be in charge of testing - eliminate that requirement. 2020. 

The Pennsylvania Past :

I called upon Representative Arthur Hershey 1982-2008 since I had grown up in Cochranville and told him what I was doing at that time 1997 - 

When I first met with Senator Mike Brubaker about hemp in 2009 than Represenative Sam Roher, Senator Mike Folmer  --- I warned them of the prohibitionist backlash. The Pennsylvania State Store Mentality is deeply entrenched in the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth sees Revenue - not doing what is just and right but how to fill the coffers....They need to be reminded you have a Constitutional Right to grow, harvest and consume cannabis no matter what the Legislators do on the State or Federal level.

Recongizing the Citizens right to self cultivate Cannabis will keep the Monopoly interest and State Store Mentality at bay - Citizens can do it because they are not engaged in Commercial activity regarding Cannabis so that the ICC *interstate Commerce clause - laws do not apply.

Engage, keep it local & vocal.



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