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Monday, November 30, 2020

Hemp Museum set up New Castle PA Western Hemp Education

Through the DON Recovery family of businesses helping the disabled & veterans

  • November 7th 2-6 pm - 
  • Hemp Museum Will be set up 
  • Hempzels™ & Natalieschoice™ will be for sale

Where: @ Thaddeus School - New Castle - I'm driving out to set up & help educate -  

Deputy Secretary Fred Strathmeyer
will join us for the inaugural session
of our
Western PA Hemp Fiber Education Series
Thursday, November 7, 2019
2:00-5:00 pm
Refreshments and networking 5:00-6:00 pm
Thaddeus Stevens School Building
831 Harrison Street, New Castle, PA 16101
This event is free, but reservations are required.
Space is limited, Please reserve your seats by October 31:
Email: No longer available
Call: (724) 856-4134 or (724) 652-5144 x230

Paid Speaker

Hemp Covered Conestoga Wagon

LancaasterNPArticleSeedMoneyWhat's more topical than hemp, cannabis or marijuana ? Interested in a speaker whose come from the trenches to share a story, experiences -?

 Book - Shawn P, House for an engagement or a his-tory lesson or to find out how it took him 25 years in his journey to bring Common Sense to the reintroduction of true cannabis hemp in Pennsylvania.

  • "Just Say Know Campaign" -
  • "Twisted Story Hemp Pretzels " 
  • Pennsylvania & US Hemp Artifacts & their story in the Education of PA
  • "The Politics of Cannabis in PA and the USA"


Schedule -

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Travel Stipened After 30 miles traveled

Legislation of Cannabis

The bottome line has been that true cannabis hemp should be treated like a vegetable - plant that it is. It does not deserve to be on a Controlled Subtstance List regulated like a scary plant that its been portrayed. Farmers who want to or are growing it SHOULD NOT be treated like criminals - criminal background check? fingerprinting ? Nothing that my company supports. 2020 - #AbolishtheDEA on the Federal Level for justice to those who have suffered over the past 50 years for cannabis possession. - 2020 #AbolishtheCSA on the State & Local level.

The DEA should not be in charge of testing - eliminate that requirement. 2020. 

The Pennsylvania Past :

I called upon Representative Arthur Hershey 1982-2008 since I had grown up in Cochranville and told him what I was doing at that time 1997 - 

When I first met with Senator Mike Brubaker about hemp in 2009 than Represenative Sam Roher, Senator Mike Folmer  --- I warned them of the prohibitionist backlash. The Pennsylvania State Store Mentality is deeply entrenched in the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth sees Revenue - not doing what is just and right but how to fill the coffers....They need to be reminded you have a Constitutional Right to grow, harvest and consume cannabis no matter what the Legislators do on the State or Federal level.

Recongizing the Citizens right to self cultivate Cannabis will keep the Monopoly interest and State Store Mentality at bay - Citizens can do it because they are not engaged in Commercial activity regarding Cannabis so that the ICC *interstate Commerce clause - laws do not apply.

Engage, keep it local & vocal.

Shipping / F.O.B. Lancaster, PA

Everything is kept in cold storage for pick up by the pallet - distribution / wholesale only - we do not have a retail location - see (stores link)

Lead time for manufacturing on demand is normally 3 weeks.

Lancaster Trading House, Inc - Cold Storage Distribution / Wholesale Hemp

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 "Thanks for your interest in working with the Lancaster Trading House, Inc - the network & HQ's for Hempzel's, Natalie's, distributor of  Lenkas Fresh Snack Foods and other locally made products. Member of The Canadian Hemp Trade Association. Contracting with local production facilities & bakeries to create a line of value added products. Headquarters is based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, there is no retail store front."

To apply for a wholesale account, click here.

Read more: Lancaster Trading House 800-USE-HEMP

Introduction to the Lancaster Trading House Network

Working To Free the Hemp Seed - Since 1992 - Incorporated in 2005 - 1-800-USE-HEMP in the USA or international 1-717-252-6288. The Network of bakeries, beverage companies, cold storage preparing to serve the emerging market in 2020.

  • THE Lancaster Trading House, Inc. Logo is signifying the power of the hemp seed - kenetic energy surrounding the old hemp mill stone with the hemp stalks tieing it all together - energy, chemurgy,  right from the farmers fields - Hempfield Township to be exact.
  • Empower the farmer - empower production - lower cost and create a market for a renewable, versatile crop.
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