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Friday, September 20, 2019

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Lancaster Trading House, Inc. Lancaster Trading House, Inc.

The Network - Cannabis Connected - Hemp Aware - Protect The Environment - Adding Value To Traditional Pennsylvania Products.

Hemp Plus Pretzels = "Hempzels™" Since 1997 - Baking On Demand - NataliesChoice™ Omega Foods & CBD Alive 

Paid Speaker

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Hemp Covered Conestoga Wagon

LancaasterNPArticleSeedMoneyWhat's more topical than hemp, cannabis or marijuana ? Interested in a speaker whose come from the trenches to share a story, experiences -?

 Book - Shawn P, House for an engagement or a his-tory lesson or to find out how it took him 25 years in his journey to bring Common Sense to the reintroduction of true cannabis hemp in Pennsylvania.

  • "Just Say Know Campaign" -
  • "Twisted Story Hemp Pretzels " 
  • Pennsylvania & US Hemp Artifacts & their story in the Education of PA
  • "The Politics of Cannabis in PA and the USA"


Schedule -

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Fee Schedule (flexible)

Travel Stipened After 30 miles traveled

Shipping / F.O.B. Lancaster, PA

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Everything is kept in cold storage for pick up by the pallet - distribution / wholesale only - we do not have a retail location - see (stores link)

Lead time for manufacturing on demand is normally 3 weeks.

Lancaster Trading House, Inc - Cold Storage Distribution / Wholesale Hemp

Credit Application

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Lancaster Trading House, Inc. / Hempzels© , Natalie's Choice™ 1-800-USE-HEMP
CREDIT APLICATION - (under construction) - 
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  The undersigned hereby authorizes Lancaster Trading House, Inc. to obtain credit information pertaining to the  
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   to disclose credit information for the undersigned account to third parties.  
  Lancaster Trading House, Inc. requires payment within 10 days of invoice date unless otherwise contracted.  
  Brokers are jointly and severally liable to the House  for payment due  
  hereunder and the House  may hold either liable therefore.  If payment is not made within terms and the  
  matter is assigned for collection, any previously allowed agency commission is deemed as waived by the  
  customer and broker assigned.  In the event of default in payment of the above account customer and broker are   
  jointly and severally liable for collection and court costs including a reasonable attorney's fee.  
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Introduction to the Lancaster Trading House Network

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Working To Free the Seed - Since Pre 1997

Packaging Hempseed in Pennsylvania

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  • Presently we've been importing industrial hemp seed from Canada since the mid 1990's - our goal has always been to contract with our local farmers for Hempzels and mainstream use..

Lancaster Trading House 800-USE-HEMP

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 "Thanks for your interest in working with the Lancaster Trading House, Inc - the network & HQ's for Hempzel's, Natalie's, distributor of  Lenkas Fresh Snack Foods and other locally made products. Member of The Canadian Hemp Trade Association. Contracting with local production facilities & bakeries to create a line of value added products. Headquarters is based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, there is no retail store front."

To apply for a wholesale account, click here.

Read more: Lancaster Trading House 800-USE-HEMP

FAQ - Business

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hempzels for Business:

  1. Do you provide direct store distribution?  - In a small regional way to customers we've been dealing with for over 15 years. Presently if you live in the Lancaster County Pennsylvania we can deliver but if you are farther we ship FedEx ground. 60 Miles to start - Contact us if you have a recomendation.

  2. Are your products UPC coded?   - Yes - our soft pretzel bags had the wrong barcode format but we have solved it with a freezer adhesive correct UPC for our frozen 8 pack soft Hempzel Pretzells. - 

  3. Why do you call your Sourdough Pretzels - Peaces? - A play on words for "pieces" & for "peace" we've been advocating since the late 1990's for a new way.

  4. Are your products Organic? - Our Natalie's Choice hemp/flax berry bar uses a base of Organic Granola - our hemp seed is conventional, natural since hemp uses very little to none pesticides. It's GMO free

  5. What distributors carry your products? - Garden Spot Food Distributors carry the Hempzels line of Horseradish Mustard, only Sourdough Original Hempzel Pretzels but in 6 packs, No Salt Whole Hemp Seed, Natalie's Hemp Seed Nut-Less Butter. Cavallaro Food's in Syracuse, NY are carrying our Hempzel's Mustard and Sea Salt 8oz Whole Hemp Seeds.

  6. What type of minimums do you require?  - $400.00  for free shipping with a few other criteria call for details. We don't want to overload your store & we want the product to consistently move. We do not gaurantee sales. 

  7. How do I get your products? - Fill out the form listed above Wholesale Form  - provide all your business information or ask your distributor to pick Hempzels™ .

  8. Do you have point of purchase displays? - YES - Presently 8/26/17 we have two headers - our units hold 36 mustards or 24 bags of seed, we can mix, match - more will be available before 2018.

  9. Do you have educational materials? - YES - by 9/15/17 - a 50 or 100 - 8-1/2" x 3-1/2" pad 2 sided color infographic that will attach to the side of the POP's or can be used for store educational information.

  10. Can you private label products for my business? - Let's talk to find out volume requirements and ideas.

  11. Isn't hemp marijuana? - No, it's Cannabis that doesn't produce THC and is not a drug crop, not grown for it's medicinal properties. As there are many varieties of all plants and animals so there is with cannabis - sativa, indica & rudellis -  Marijuana is a racist term coined at the turn of the century to create fear & and confuse the agricultural industries at the time. 1937 Popular Mechanics called hemp the "New Billion Dollar Crop"

  12. What can't you do with this product? - hemp cannot produce steel or glass

  13. How do I get your soft pretzel? - Consider where you are ordering from, the closer to Pennsylvania the better, they are baked & frozen & done in limited runs. Call ahead to order & find out what shipping charges will be.

  14. Can you provide demos? - On a limited basis's - we love to provide product for passive demos or inhouse - yes we know once somebody try's our product they can get addicted - we just need to set up the partners to get it done. Cheese companies - we are open to suggestion to help increase sales.

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