Events for 2021

2020 was a wash & 2021 is a semi-wash BUT we are doing a few events and we'll list them on this page.

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October 2, 3 - Kutztown or Bloomsburg?

We've been participating with Jeff & Mindy Zick Productions since Scranton. This year we'll be under the pavilion. We will be selling hot soft pretzels & more.

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July 2021 Harrisburg

In the Pennsylvania Farm Show parking lot like we did in the fall of 2020-1 and they are talking about going indoors in July 

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New Hempshire June 21nd through 26th.

An annual event sponsored by the Free State Project in Lancaster, New Hempshire I'll be set up to sell, trade, barter everything I can bring up  June 21-26th. Agora Valley #43 - 

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Yearly participation

Thanks To Jeff & Mindy Zick and their crew & company for bringing the cannabis hemp activist together - 2021 we will as 2020 not bring up the oven since we have no concession trailer - we'll have all packaged goods to sell - Remember we are under the Pavilion. Booth 237 - it will be very busy. .