Traditional  Sourdough Hempzels™ 7 lb Bags Low Sodium

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    Fresh Baked Traditional Sourdough Hempzel™ Pretzels 7 lb bulk bag (sold out) - place an order will ship when baked.

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    Hand Rolled Tradition

    Hand Rolled Unbleached wheat flour, hemp flour, water, salt, soda another of in Lancaster, PA quality old fashioned pretzel bakeries making Hempzels. packaged in  1 lb bags or 7 lb bulk bags..

    So - Traditional refer's to Uncle Henry's

    "Original" refers to the Revonah Bakery..

    Kosher / GMO Free / Vegan

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    For our Friends & Family Direct To you

    We do not have a DSD system - we can ship direct to stores and deliver to a few others locally. 

    Shipping - adding -

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    Bake On Demand

    Schedule a baking date - 100 lb runs will produce approximately 105 - 1 lb bags or 15 - 7 lb bags. 

    Wholesale / Resellers / Caters

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    sourdough Hempzels™

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