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    100% Hemp Seed Protein Powder 50% Protein Per Serving Size

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    Grown & Processed in the USA

    100% Hemp Seed Protein Powder is coming from US farmers as for years ours came in from our Canadian neighbors. This is the finest on the market, Our packaging is changing, we offer this in 50lb bulk. My Canadian Journey

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    Plant Centric Protein

    Vegan's, vegetarians those who are plant centric will find this high plant based protein easy to incorporate into your diet.

    We've transitioned from a plastic tub to a gold foil resealable bag to reduce waste & cut cost while providing an oxygen barrier to preserve freshness

    Hemp Seed, Flour & Oil add that unique twist to our pretzels - where our higher protein comes from.

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    The Power of Seeds

    Hemp Seed has a digestible edistin protein, remember you have to "mill" / "grind" flax - you don't have to for hemp seed. When the seed is crushed for oil than the meal is milled / refined into baking flour, protein powders.

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