Hemp Tincture Full Spectrum Supplement 2 oz

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    Full Spectrum Tincture Flowering Tops - PA Grown & Processed Single Source - Drug Free 2 ounce bottles.



    Liquid Herbal Extract: 0.5ml

    Naturally grown hemp leaves & flowering tops (Cannabis Sativa) other ingredients in the liquid extract: 

    Organic Cane Alcohol, Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerin.

    Approximately 37 servings per 2oz Bottle

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    Combination Package : 1 of each of our 5 New Products on sale for $189.95 includes free shipping.

    Topical Deep Relief

    Hemp N Heat Herbal Rub 4 oz.

    Topical deep heating rub - so combine your internal tincture when managing your health & wellness. This is for external use - all natural ingredients. . 

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