Hemp Seed Baking Flour US Grown & Milled Inventory Blowout

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    Cold Storage USA Hemp Flour milled at Small Valley Milling 3/19 at $2.00lb - selling at cost in 4 different sizes til out of stock.

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    US Grown & PA Milled

    Susquehanna Mills - pressed a lot of South Dakota Hemp Seed - Small Valley Milling in Halifax milled it into flour. I thought with our new licensing agreement we would use a lot & I wanted a good price so we had 4,000 lbs in cold storage from March 31-1999 to March 31 2021 in 50lb & 25lb & 10 lb & 5 lb Packaging for the bakeries - we still have a lot take advantage of it to experiment.

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    How To Use It

    We used to bring in Canadian Hemp Seed Flour - and have used hemp seed flour in our soft & sourdough pretzels.

    Use it for breads, pasta, baked goods, gravies - there is no wheat in it - 100% hemp seed flour BUT it was run through a mill that processes spelt so it might test 20 ppm for Gluten. 

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    Forward Production

    We are upgrading into a protein powder for future baking - still American Sourced & Milled. Kosher, Gluten Free, and will not affect the same quality. 

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    Packaged 50 lb bag o 25 lb bag o 10 lb bag o 5lb
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