Hemp "Nut Less" Spread No Sugar 8oz

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    100% Hemp Hearts "Nutless" Spread, no sugar, low salt 8oz jar compliments our jams!

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    Started in 2006

    Hempzels™ was Hemp Plus Pretzels with Imported Canadian Hemp Seed. After a conversation with our Canadian Supplier I worked with a Lancaster facility to crush whole toasted hemp seed along with starting Jams & Jellys with hemp seed to develop a new higher protein peanut butter & jelly combination. I grew up with PNBJ. .

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    Shelled Hemp Seed

    Raw - shelled - that needs to be kept refrigerated was the natural evolvement. In 2018 we started working with a new partner to blend the raw shelled seed vs whole and combine it with other nuts - Inspiration thanks to Richard Rose - The Original HempNut - In small batches 8oz jars - Made without adding sugar. HEMPeanut Butter is a blend of roasted peanuts & raw shelled seed -.

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    Shelled Hemp Seed

    • Raw Shelled Seed / Hemp OIl /Sea Salt - Simple Ingredients

    • 8 oz Jars / 12 Per case / Dated

    • 1 Year - Refrigerated Item

    • USPS / Fedex / Deliver 17601

    • Manufacturer on Demand 50lb minimum run.

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