Lancaster County's Hemp Innovator Steve Groff & Family have done it again

4 Acre Hemp A=Amaze

Steve has become very experienced with the CBD side of hemp flower and now has planted 4 acres of Industrial hemp for fiber - a crop that will get 8 to 18 ft tall depending on climate & area and it will make a neat maze.

Join them every week starting Saturday September 4th - with hemp foods, hemp education, beverages & on a beautiful no til farm in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, Holtwood to be exact.

Fun for the family - hours will change and they'll be open til November.

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Cedar Meadow CBD

Lancaster County Pennsylvania Grown Processed Packaged CBD - hemp flower vs our traditional hemp seed flour.

Know your farm - single sourced CBD grown & processed in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

All good, all legal - 600 mg Full Spectrum flavored for pets & 1200mg Single Source THC Free & Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Find out about our Affiliate Program, find out about wholesale & limited line distribution.

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Started in May 2021

Lancaster County Pennsylvania has some of the best soil and when it comes to true cannabis hemp let the sunshine. You'll have a fun time, you'll learn and maybe find out about "Chemurgy" - energy from the farmers fields - 

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Become an Affiliate

Steve - Family & friends programs - best way to tell the world about our products.

We'll have a link shortly 6/5/2021 noted.

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Pets Can Benefit

Cannabis / CBD Extracts can be beficial for hyper active pets, older pets with arthritic conditions. It's About Quality of Life - More dosage information will be added to these columns.. 6/5/21 note.

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Hemp Ties Us Together

Steve has been a true leader for other farmers in his research on what works best for the soil - we are blessed to live in the #1 non irrigated farming area in the USA. No Til & more - he's a hemp innovator.

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The Farm Connection

Steve Groff / Red Rose / No Til Fame and Shawn met prior but connected through his graciousness to let me set up a place for Kellie & Grayson Ziegler to start another part of their 13,000 mile journey on hemp bio diesel fuel  - Steve was growing Kenaf / looked like hemp kind of - since than he's pursued the farming & knowledge base of working with true Cannabis Hemp and he is now part of the LTH network - find out more what the Hemp Car was all about.