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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Natalies Retail Direct

Hemp Seed

My company is interested in contracting with Pennsylvania Farmers for Hemp Seed, Fiber & Oil. We use it in our Brand's Hempzels(C) Pretzels & Natalie'sChoice(tm) Omega Foods. This ancient grain is universal - we've been importing it since 1998 and we've been to the hempfields that we once hope to see here in Lancaster County and elsewhere. 


Raw - dehulled hemp seed pictured above - 18gms of protein per 2oz but low in fiber - keep both refrigerated. Whole hemp seed above lightly toasted by law or irradiated by law before importation is 13gms of protein per 2oz with 16gms of soluable & insoulable fiber with a different taste profile - both are nutty. In Lancaster County we have the whole seed with expeller pressed hemp oil made into a gluten free, dairy free, peanut free, no sugar or preservatives - vegan 100% hemp nut butter. Natalies Choice 100% Hemp Nut-Less Vegan Butter . We use hemp flour in our bakeries for Hempzel Pretzels - our Soft Hemp Pretzel Swirls have 13gms of protein per 4oz swirl..

Shipping / F.O.B. Lancaster, PA

Everything is kept in cold storage for pick up by the pallet - distribution / wholesale only - we do not have a retail location - see (stores link)

Lead time for manufacturing on demand is normally 3 weeks.

Lancaster Trading House, Inc - Cold Storage Distribution / Wholesale Hemp

Lancaster Trading House 800-USE-HEMP




 "Thanks for your interest in working with the Lancaster Trading House, Inc - the network & HQ's for Hempzel's, Natalie's, distributor of  Lenkas Fresh Snack Foods and other locally made products. Member of The Canadian Hemp Trade Association. Contracting with local production facilities & bakeries to create a line of value added products. Headquarters is based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, there is no retail store front."

To apply for a wholesale account, click here.

Read more: Lancaster Trading House 800-USE-HEMP

Natalie's Line of Hemp Foods

Shop now hemp seeds and more at Natalieschoice shopping cart Produced in or near Lancaster County we use 100% fresh, legal, tasty, nutritious hemp seeds to add value to a line peanut free hemp nut butter & jam line. 

Shipped Wholesale or retail direct and distributed by Garden Spot Food Distributors, New Holland, PA.

100% Hemp Seed "Nut-less" Butter & Traditional Country Jams

 Organic Granola hemp, flax, berry bars 2.25oz

Garlic & Hot Pepper Jam


  • Natalies Product Line

    Hemp Seed Nut-less Butter, Rapsberry Hemp Jam, Organic Granola with hemp, flax, cranberrys & raisins.

  • Branding Hemp

    Our two brands are Hempzels® and Natalie's Choice™ utilizing hemp seed, hemp flour or hemp oil into our specific recipes. Working with farmers and understanding the dynamic market as hemp becomes more acceptable for volume accounts we are open to private labeling - schedule an appointment to find out what you need.

  • Business Partners Working To Free The Seed

    For registered parties interested in developing working relationships with the LTH through it's Brands Hempzels or Natalie's Choice or something through the Lancaster Trading House, Inc - Lancaster Hemp Company - 

  • Hemp Seed

     The goal - grow hemp seed locally - just like I almost grabbed at the Universty of Kentucky 2 summers ago

    But 2017 Pennsylvania farmers are planting seed and we intend to work with them..

  • Information - General

    Information - Fill in

  • Wholesale

    We are working this first quarter of 2017 to connect our wholesale accounts - stay tuned 1/31/17

  • Hempzel's Product Line

    Seperate into Soft Pretzels, Sourdough Pretzels, Mustard, Seed?

  • Distribution - Brands