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Friday, August 18, 2017

New products from Hanna Vista Organic Farms

20 years ago when the natural foods market was blooming, Jane was blending batters and making them special. Her distribution went from East to West Coast but the family changed and now is being relaunched. Shipping retail direct & available wholesale direct. Produced at Hanna Vista Organic Farms.

  • Good Batter - Buckwheat Buttermilk -  Pancake, Waffles & Crepes Batter Mix - 16oz USDA Organic
  • Good Batter - Original Pancke Mix 16oz USDA Organic
  • Appalachian Mountain Cocoas
  1. Cocoa - Fair Trade USDA Organic 12oz
  2. Cocoa - Fair Trade USDA Organic 12oz - Dairy Free
  3. Mocha (coffee/cocoa mix) - Fair Trade USDA Organic 12oz


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