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Friday, August 18, 2017

Soft Pretzel History

  • Topping Soft Hempzel Pretzels

    Topping Soft Hempzel Pretzels

  • Annually in Atlantic City

    Annually in Atlantic City

  • vegan pizza hempzel swirl

    vegan pizza hempzel swirl

  • Peace Products producing Hempzel 8 pack bag

    Peace Products producing Hempzel 8 pack bag

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Soft Hemp Pretzel Swirls


Here is what the back of the bag looks like - 8 - 4oz hand made hemp pretzel swirls with no salt on them  - Secure Ordering in 8 packs or in a combination. Shipped frozen / cold from Lancaster County Pennsylvania - there are restrictions due to distance and distribution channels but in 2017 I want to resolve these issues - thanks, Shawn P. House - Owner / Head Hempzel.