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Friday, August 18, 2017
  • Hemp Farming is as old as man. We look forward to contracting with today's Pennsylvania farmers to help process & add value to their crops like we do with our brands - Read More
  • Hand Rolled - Swirled or Twisted - our soft pretzels are high in protein & complex carbs - it's a darker full flavored soft pretzel, baked & frozen. Shipped direct. Read More
  • It's been a 20 year - Just Say Know campaign, advocating for the farmers to cultivate cannabis creating jobs but remember we have history - dig deep vs closing the book on hemp. Read More
  • Get ready for the fall season - local events - regional awareness, State impact and National interest. Read More
  • New labels - nutritional panels & barcoding - ready for your deli, bakery, restaurant - 9oz jars - inquiry about gallons. Read More
  • Kudos to Pennsylvania activist who have helped make this a reality - Read More
  • Hemp Oil is used in Hempzels Soft Pretzels - Natalie's Nut-less butter - we look forward to getting Pennsylvania pressed hemp oil in the fall of 2017. Read More
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Hemp's His-tory

Natalie's Line of Hemp Foods

Shop now hemp seeds and more at Natalieschoice shopping cart Produced in or near Lancaster County we use 100% fresh, legal, tasty, nutritious hemp seeds to add value to a line peanut free hemp nut butter & jam line. 

Shipped Wholesale or retail direct and distributed by Garden Spot Food Distributors, New Holland, PA.

100% Hemp Seed "Nut-less" Butter & Traditional Country Jams

 Organic Granola hemp, flax, berry bars 2.25oz

Garlic & Hot Pepper Jam

Peanut Butter Substitute

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A new alternative to traditional peanut butter & jelly sandwiches - instead of peanuts we use 100% hemp seed & oil, no salt, no sugar or preservatives nut butter.  The seed has been very lightly toasted, the oil is cold expeller pressed. The facility is void of nuts & wheat products.Our jam is fortified with hemp seed - put them on whole wheat, or wheat free "bread" & you got a healthier, tastier sandwich: 1 8oz Jar.

 Increase your Essential Fatty Acids, Omega 3, 6, GLA

  • Increase your fiber - we use the whole seed vs hulled seed
  • Decrease your risk of peanut allergies with this alternative
  • Increase your protein, vitamin E,
  • keep refrigerated after opening
  • upon purchase and before use, stir well
  • makes approximately 12 sandwiches depending on how thick you spread it
  • wheat, dairy, gluten free


Natalie's Hemp and Flax Granola Bar

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Natalie's Choice Omega Foods Hemp & Flax - Berry Bar 2.25oz Produced in small batches near Lancaster County another LTH production partner for  Natalie's Choice(tm) ....sold by the bar ,  case, master case or pallet. Shelf life normally 120 days. Organic Granola base / fortified with hemp seed, milled flax, cranberries & raisins .


  • Natalies Product Line

    Hemp Seed Nut-less Butter, Rapsberry Hemp Jam, Organic Granola with hemp, flax, cranberrys & raisins.

  • Branding Hemp

    Hempzels® & Natalie's Choice™ Omega Foods - s use hemp seed

  • Business Partners Working To Free The Seed

    For registered parties interested in developing working relationships with the LTH through it's Brands Hempzels or Natalie's Choice or something through the Lancaster Trading House, Inc - Lancaster Hemp Company - 

  • Hemp Seed

     The goal - grow hemp seed locally - just like I almost grabbed at the Universty of Kentucky 2 summers ago

    But 2017 Pennsylvania farmers are planting seed and we intend to work with them..

  • Information - General

    Information - Fill in

  • Wholesale

    We are working this first quarter of 2017 to connect our wholesale accounts - stay tuned 1/31/17

  • Hempzel's Line

    Seperate into Soft Pretzels, Sourdough Pretzels, Mustard, Seed?

Hemp Textiles

Lenka's Bars