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Our Journey in hemp - 1-800-USE-HEMP *873-4367 in the U.S.A.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019


  • Events and Promotion

    Events and Promotion

    Fall Shows into 2018 Read More
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    We are producing a 5' tall point of purchase display that we can ship direct to your store - 36 bottles of Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard "The Mustard That Bites Backā„¢" - or 24 8oz bags of whole hemp seed or on the bottom add Natalie's Choice Organic Pennsylvania pressed hemp oil. The displays will have a solid brown base & a solid yellow color without the text - the Header is full color for Mustard or Seed.Setting Up the Display when it arrives in the box: Read More
  • Natalie's Line of Hemp Foods

    Natalie's Line of Hemp Foods

    Produced in or near Lancaster County we use 100% fresh, legal, tasty, nutritious hemp seeds to add value to a line peanut free hemp nut butter & jam line.  Shipped Wholesale or retail direct and distributed by Garden Spot Food Distributors, New Holland, PA. 100% Hemp Seed "Nut-less" Butter & Traditional Country Jams  Organic Granola hemp, flax, berry bars 2.25oz Garlic & Hot Pepper Jam Read More
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    From the Field

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FAQ - Consumers

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products for Consumers: 

If you don't find your answer, email us & we'll add it to help others


  1. What part of the hemp plant do you use to make your product lines?  Hemp flour, hulled hemp seed & hemp oil - depends on the items & application.

  2. Why do you refer & compare hemp seed to flax or soy nuts? To get a perspective on the overall benefits of hemp seed for a digetable edisten protein (no milling required where flax should be milled) - hemp is similar to soy but without the estrogen issues, hemp seed offers more vitamin E than flax and a better balance of Omega 3, 6 with GLA Essential Fatty Acids - PLUS - hemp seed taste good whole or hulled.

  3. Will eating your pretzels, mustard, baklava, granola bars or hemp seed produce a proof positive on a drug test? N - O, nope, nada, nyet, our company uses industrial hemp since 2001 we've been a signature at

  4. Do you use wheat in your products? Yes, in our pretzels, & baklava

  5. I have Celiac issues (gluten intolerance)  what products of yours can I eat without having a reaction? Our nut-less hemp seed spread/butter, Raspberry Hemp Jam, Whole hemp Seed, hulled hemp seed and Votehemp bars.

  6. What makes your Sourdough Hempzel Pretzels different from typical pretzels? They are hand made, stone hearth baked & use less wheat since we add hemp & organic brown rice flour, they are a darker grain & really taste good.

  7. What makes your Peanut Butter Hemp Pretzel Nuggets Different? (Note - temporary production stop) - what a great product - we had to stop production due to limited distribution - but they can come back when we can produce volume.

  8. What makes your Baklava different than traditional Baklava? It's been "Hempzelized" - starting with Organic Fillo dough, using hemp seed vs traditional pecans, walnuts or pistachios depending on the culture. It's lighter, fluffier & healthier. Made Vegan & traditional, packaged 2 servings per tray.

  9. What makes your Mustard different than traditional mustards on the market? the apple cider vinegar is better for your digestive system, we've also fortified it like many of our other products with hemp seed although you won't notice a taste difference as you would with the Baklava or Pretzels.

  1. Natalie's Choice Omega Foods - is your nut-less hemp butter "nut" free. Yes, hemp is a vegetable not a "nut" even though that term is used. Our product is also produced in a local facility that is nut & wheat free.

 11   Will you ship to another address to a friend or family member? YES

  1. Do you have a retail store? No

  2. What events do you set up at so I can see your products? we'll be listing them - normally Pennsylvania & or New Jersey, Washington DC locations

  3. I work at a local health food store - how can I get more information about your product?  Fill out the sign up sheet, provide you store information, resale # and you can have access to wholesale pricing - or call us 1-800-873-4367

  4. Why is hemp not grown in the United States anymore? Law enforcement still maintains confusion between the species of cannabis. Politics = control and the politicians haven't figured that out yet - our farmers want to grow, consumers are hip & aware of the varieties of cannabis and that hemp is a non-drug crop. HR1866 needs support to change the Federal Wall that has been erected around banning this vegetable.

  5. What can I do to help revive this agri-business? Participate with,, ask your elected representatives to support HR1866 & keep talking about it. Sooner or later it will be grown legally without fear in the U.S.A.




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